Meet PGO's 2022 Administration

Sisters Soaring With Excellence

List of 2022 Officers

President ~ Natasha Adams

The president serves as the official representative of the chapter.





Vice President ~ Brenda Stephens




Secretary ~ Maggie Holly




Assistant Secretary ~ Shonda Emerson




Treasurer ~ Marie Spencer




Financial Secretary ~ Denise Lee-Bradford




Correspondence Secretary ~ Beth Leigh




Parliamentarian ~ Keshetta Henderson




Chaplain ~ Brenda Crowder-Gaines




Historian/Archivist ~ Gloria Berry-Holly




Hostess ~ Stephanie Smith




Keeper of the Door ~ Sylvia Smith 




Ivy Leaf Reporter ~ Bria Berry-Holly




  • The Executive Meetings are held the Tuesday that falls immediately before the first Saturday of each month.
  • Meetings are from 6:30 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. in Hillsborough, NC.
  • Chapter Members, Committee Chairmen, and Executive Officers may be in attendance. The Executive Meetings are not open to the public.
  • COVID-19 Update: Meetings are virtual until further notice.